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Chess Rally License Key 2.45

Developer: Ingenuware
Specifications: Version 2.6 introduces two new larger board sizes, fun new avatars, new downloadable themes, and a host of "under the hood" enhancements for online play.
Requirements: None
Limitation: Some features disabled after 21 days
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7
Price: $19.99
License: Free to try
Version: v2.45
Downloads: 8748
Rating: 4.5 / Views: 368
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Game Description

FIXED – /url detection would including trailing periods (.) In the Rally Rooms, so if someone typed a URL of, let’s say www.Chessrally.Com. Insufficient mating material for both players immediately ends in a draw, noted as “Draw By Insufficient Material!€.


In fact, just to be safe, and make sure there would absolutely be no problems importing ChessRally generated PGN data into other chess software, the PGN generation algorithms were modified to keep each whole move (with white and black turns together as one “whole move”) on the same line without any part of it being orphaned. In reality, there was as much work put into 2.6 as there was for 2.5. CHANGED – Reintegrated the fixed ImpulseSystemCounter object into the Rally Rooms Server, replacing the current workarounds based on using the system clock. For beginners and masters alike, the application offers robust graphics and sounds, fun avatars, a customizable interface with free downloadable themes (skins, chess sets, and sounds), smooth animation, a complete user’s guide, and free support. NOT ADDED – We thought about adding a player-suggested feature where ChessRally email games would allow the sending of a copy of an email move to the sender’s own mailbox for archival purposes.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All ratings from 2.45 and earlier versions will be reset to their default values. I-Chess 1.0 Planned & Created (1997-1998): (Pre-Ingenuware) Robb Ryniak creates a simple, real-time, peer-to-peer chess game with chat features called “I-Chess”, to play with his wife over the Internet on lunch breaks.

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This allows us to enforce the ChessRally EULA more accurately and fully without penalizing innocent users unfairly. Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books..

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FIXED – Refusal of a previously saved game would result in the inability to start ANY new game. As such, this was changed to more accurately represent the terminology used in chess tournaments worldwide. The new player then arrives to the table with only a second or two on their clock, leaving them with not enough time to play a game (or to make a single move for that matter), nor enough time to stand up from the game (or leave the table), and would therefore unfairly lose the game. This has been fixed to filter out trailing periods.

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Description: ChessRally 2 Gold Edition is the Premiere Chess Game for the Microsoft® Windows® platform. ADDED – Added a new Gold Star type Player Icon for VIPs.

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Fun stats, analysis, and training tools for players of all levels. This Free Edition can be upgraded to Gold Edition for just $19.99. This solves the problem of users running into “unexpected failure” scenarios during setup. You can play on more than one board at a time and there are quite a few servers for you to find a game on.

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ADDED – Added four new chat commands for pulling up the End User License Agreement: “/eula” or “/agreement”; and for the specific area that relates to Rally Rooms Terms of Service: “/tos” or “/termsofservice”. This may help them decide to postpone an action for minor infractions until the player has concluded their game. This occurred if a player would choose a player name that contained characters illegal for filenames, including “/”, “”, “:”, “”, “.€, “*”, and “?€.

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You can always undo your movements if you find yourself at risk. However, this was optional. (Or the player could “stand” to watch without leaving the table, and in that case, the table host would NOT be prompted at all.) As such, it was possible for two conniving and dishonest users to set up a table where they’d start a game, white would move, then black would wait until there was only a couple of seconds left on their clock, then leave the table (or stand to watch). The game is still responsive, however, one must click on another application’s window (or task bar button… the “Start” menu works fine too…) to reset the focus within the program to normal. PLEASE NOTE: This change affected Email games a little different, since email games require file compatibility, and the way 2.45 and earlier were written, updating the file format version in 2.5 (which would be required for email games to support this) would make those email moves unreadable by 2.45 and earlier clients. ChessRally 2 Release Candidate Released (January 7, 2002): ChessRally 2 Beta 5 (Build 448) Released (January 3, 2002): ChessRally 2 Beta 4 (Build 443) Released (December 31, 2001): ChessRally 2 Beta 3 (Build 442) Released (December 30, 2001): ChessRally 2 Beta 2 (Build 440) Released (December 30, 2001): ChessRally 2 Beta 1 (Build 439) Released (December 19, 2001): Many enhancements and new features were added to ChessRally 2 from I-Chess 1.X (Some items listed are “summary” items which cover a great amount of detail): “ChessRally” Was Born (August 2001): After many enhancements were made to the program, and the release of I-Chess 2.0 loomed near, Ingenuware decided to register the domain name “ichess.Com”, hoping to create an online community website for I-Chess users.