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SQL Trace Analyzer Serial 1.1.2008.1117

Developer: Lakeside SQL
Requirements: None
Limitation: 30-day trial
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP
Price: $495
License: Free to try
Version: v1.1.2008.1117
Downloads: 8814
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So the first of business is to specify the SQL Server particulars; currently the server and database name. This tool enables you to run SQL Trace in console mode.

Combining multiple trace files into single using trcsess « Systems Engineering and RDBMS said

Create a coherent analysis context for messages that can otherwise appear as disassociated. If you work with text based .Log files, Message Analyzer enables you to retrieve data from various common text .Log file types with the use of built-in text log parsers that are described in . A disadvantage of creating a flat message list is that responses to specific requests may be difficult to locate in high volume traces.

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Possible values include the following metrics or any formula combining them: elapsed_time (default), cpu_time, buffer_gets, disk_reads, direct_writes, and optimizer_cost. The resulting trace files can be read in their raw state or translated using the tkprof utility. For example, by specifying any Trace Scenario that uses the Microsoft-PEF-WFP-MessageProvider, you can focus on capturing messages above the IP/Network Layer by filtering out lower-level Link Layer messages through the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP), upon which the Microsoft-PEF-WFP-MessageProvider is based. You will need to set the Edit Session dialog for Full Edit mode to enable the Time Filter controls. If you ever meet dodged SQL database then don’t be surprised.

OciMonitor – SQL Tracer for Oracle OCI

This enables you to capture a wide array of network protocol and application messages. To apply a Time Filter to data that you are loading, you must create the Time Filter window during Data Retrieval Session configuration in the New Session dialog, where the Time Filter controls are located below the input Files list in the dialog. Importing and exporting can be done without SQL knowledge. This is unlike tkprof, which is an executable file always there, ready to serve. Enabling you to “select” specific data that you want to view through filtering.

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In addition, if any assets have been applied to a session, such as a view Filter or Viewpoint, a funnel icon displays to the right of the session viewer node in Session Explorer. However, security conscious users prefer having a more robust form of protection. The top 10 ‘SQL:StmtCompleted’ events are returned (ordered by the sum of duration) grouped on the first 20 characters of each query text.

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Click 'Files' to download the professional version 2.6.1 build 17355. I guess I’d expect that from a performance tuning guy 🙂 I think ClearTrace is the most underrated query tuning tool here.

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Let’s also assume this version of the book you have you pirated and didn’t pay for so there is no index or table of contents! This process is usually referred as “tracing” and can be accomplished by several methods including DBMS_MONITOR and ALTER SESSION commands. Accessible from the Edit Target Computers dialog which appears after you click the Edit button next to the Target Computers text box in the New Session dialog.

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An ETW Provider manifest defines the event descriptions and format in which events are written by the provider. Shows the text of the SQL that is being executed more than once along with CURSOR_ID, ADDRESS and HASH_VALUE information. All you have to do is use the console and input something similar to this:C> Findtrc.Exe “SELECT *… The window layouts are accessible from the Window Layout drop-down list on the global Message Analyzer toolbar. Whatever changes you make to a running Live Trace Session will take effect on subsequent messages that the Live Trace Session in progress is capturing, that is, after you click Apply in the Edit Session dialog.