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Step 3. Create a Google Maps project

Both satellite imagery and maps online can be viewed through it. There are two types of quotas that limit the usage of : long term (per day quota) and short term (request rate quota). Public static final int FIXED_HIGHDPI_SIZE public static final int FIXED_LOWDPI_SIZE protected boolean m_copyrightLogoVisible protected ImageView m_logoView public void addOnMapRenderListener (OnMapRenderListener listener) Adds a to listen for map render events.

Step 2. Install the Google Play services SDK

Fichtner IT Consulting (FIT) and hhpberlin combine Augmented Reality and digital mapping to create a life-saving fire safety application that enables rapid information sharing, providing first responders up to the minute logistical details during rescue operations. Browse the fully completed the map takes place in the Map Viewer.

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This means each device using your app within a month counts as a single MAU. When I attempt to assign the mapView_ object (see the getting started guide) to self.ExtraView instead of self.View, the whole screen is black and I get an error in the console output: “Application windows are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch” Has anyone else figured this out? Public void onResume () Propagates an activity’s onResume() event to the view. GMSMapView now allows you to pick from one of three padding adjustments behaviors: ‘Always’ (default), ‘Automatic’, and ‘Never’.

Viewing Street View images

Features: – Nearest shops, map view, address – Review, practical info about the shops, pictures – Search, social Prices for goods are lower than in Western Europe or the US. These attributes may be used to customize the MapView display. You also need to tell the application to use the BackupAgent as follows: Then you need to create the backup agent and tell it to use the helper agent for sharedpreferences: To complete the backup you need to create an instance of BackupManager in your main Activity: Finally create a user ID, if it doesn’t already exist, and store it in the SharedPreferences: This User_ID will now be persistent across installations, even if the user switches devices.

1. Adding & Handling the New UIButtons

Next, we add serveral delegate methods to be implemented by the delegate viewcontroller when IBAction methods for the buttons are trigger. Some APIs allow you to explicitly set a language when you make a request. If the reflection doesn’t stick in your environment, use the getCleartextID_SIMCHECK method instead, but take in consideration it should be adapted to your specific SIM-presence needs.

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Finally, we implement MKMapViewDelegate’s method to change the pin color to purple. This API is provided with Google Play Services packages. You can set the zoom level programmatically, or users can change the level in the viewer by pinching to zoom. Users can developer their own codes to set up the waypoint sequentially. Returns: The current offset from the edge of the MapView public Map getMap () Returns the instance of Map associated with this MapView Returns: The Map object currently displayed in this view.


Parameters: Desired offset from the edge of the MapView public void setMap (Map aMap) Associates the graphical view element with a Map . Categories Business Desktop Internet Development Multimedia Games Utilities in The Map View SDK is available as a stand alone Developer kit. A DJIWaypointMission is used when you want to upload, start and stop a Waypoint Mission. Google you at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s activity, using your . You can simply add camera listeners this way: or If you no longer need listeners (eg OnDestroy), don’t forget to unregister the listeners as well: Default map click handling Click on map is handled internally by MapFragment and action on click depends on map object.