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Developer: DataMystic
Specifications: Now can customize the polling interval for FTP connections - previously was fixed at 60 seconds
Requirements: None
Limitation: 30-day trial
Operation system: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8
Price: $24.95
License: Free to try
Version: v3.9
Downloads: 6835
Rating: 4.8 / Views: 3893
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Occurs when a file or directory in the specified is deleted. Live real-time access to all your or vendors’ licensing information is stored on our encrypted pass word protected web site unique to your business.

File Watcher and Folder Watcher – Watch a folder for new files, and trigger a custom action

By RickSchwein Pros Once configured, it efficiently monitors file system activity and is able to log and execute applications as appropriate. With so many programs working in the background performing their own tasks, it can be quite difficult sometimes to know what what is being written, deleted or modified to and from your drives. One dependency (for CLI) and no platform specific code. If you still need to do that, specify the desired custom output location in the Arguments text box: type the output paths with colons as separators and use macros. Gets the list of event handlers that are attached to this .(Inherited from .) Gets or sets the filter string used to determine what files are monitored in a directory.

Monitoring a Network Location

The event is raised at creation time and you need to wait for the file to be ready to be copied. We are a full service turn key compliance solution. I just miss the function to start a process minimized. Every supported media file present in this folder is added for conversion at the scheduled time.

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Gets or sets a value indicating whether subdirectories within the specified path should be monitored. For the directory path that we set in our app.Config file. In the Arguments text box, define the arguments to pass to the tool. When the service detects an event of interest, it is forwarded to the registered process. Can be used to restart locally running webservers on updates, or kill long running tests and restart on updates.

Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines:

Within the configuration which we’ve just added, we will need to add an “appSettings” section, where we’ll define our directory path: This should go directly below the configuration tag. The File Watcher raises an event whenever a file or subdirectory within the specified root directory is created, deleted, renamed, or changed in some other way. From digital camera, FTP), and trigger a custom action.

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To alert you of any change at the configured locations, Directory Monitor will show the event in its main window which is also the log file, popup a system tray alert or optionally run an external program. We already mention Process Monitor at the bottom of the article, but it just needs too much filtering to make it easy to use.

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The Path class implements the Watchable interface, so each directory to be monitored is registered as a Path object. In the Program text box, specify the path to the executable file of the tool (.Exe, .Cmd, .Bat, or other depending on the specific tool). The batch file ftp_upload.Bat oversees the whole process: Â ftp_upload.Bat: @echo off “C:Program filesDataMysticTextPipetextpipe.Exe” /minimized “/f=C:Program filesDataMysticfilewatcherprepare_ftp.Fll” “%1” /g /q ftp -i -n “-s:%1” Â DataMystic automates complex data extraction, migration and cleansing tasks. I have a folder, part of a larger tree backup I made some months ago that reappears time and again for no reason at all.


The adding of Include and exclude wildcard patterns is also possible if you want to exclude certain file types from the monitoring process. A synchronous method that returns a structure that contains specific information on the change that occurred, given the type of change you want to monitor and the time (in milliseconds) to wait before timing out. There may be a slight delay as it polls every 5 seconds. Great program. .NET 3 is just one of the options ..Click browse all files and you can get .NET 2,3, or 4 versions, or source-code if you prefer.