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Aspose.Cells for Java Serial 2.4.0

Developer: Aspose
Specifications: Version 7.4.3 has fixed Pivot table borders which were wrongly visible and green ellipse word art/picture which was wrongly rendered around the chart.
Requirements: None
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Price: $999
License: Free to try
Version: v2.4.0
Downloads: 7420
Rating: 4.3 / Views: 3218
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Voidsort(Cells cells, CellArea area) Sort the datas of the area. AbstractvoidgroupRows(intfirstIndex, intlastIndex) Groups rows. HideRows public abstract void hideRows(int row, int totalRows) Hides multiple rows. This method is supported in Standard and above versions of Aspose.Cells.Parameters:formula – The formula to search for.PreviousCell – Previous cell with the same formula. AbstractCell[]getDependents(booleanisAll, introw, intcolumn) Get all cells which refer to the specific cell.

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It can be difficult to get summarized information with very large spreadsheets. Aspose.Total for .NET is the most complete package of all file format APIs for .NET as offered by Aspose. UnhideColumns public abstract void unhideColumns(int column, int totlaColumns, double width) Unhide multiple columns.

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Parameters:column – Column indexReturns:Width of column in normal view. Parameters:columnIndex – Column index.TotalColumns – Number of columns to be deleted.UpdateReference – Indicates if update references in other worksheets. Returns: getHeightOfValue public abstract int getHeightOfValue() throws java.Lang.Exception Gets the height of the value in unit of pixels. The folder that contains the client’s calling JAR file. Priority Support Conditions As official and authorized distributors, we supply you with legitimate licenses directly from 300+ software publishers.

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GetColumn public abstract  getColumn(int columnIndex) Gets the element or at the specified cell row index. 1 Developer OEM Subscription Renewal – Includes Maintenance and Support (1 Year) Manufacturer Part #: APJVCEDO-R-POSOur Part #: CS-516645-1003868 The license terms of this product require that we verify your eligibility prior to it being delivered. Example: Workbook excel = new Workbook(); Cells cells = excel.GetWorksheets().Get(0).GetCells(); cells.Get(“B6”).SetFormula(“=SUM(B2:B5, E1) + sheet2!A1”); getR1C1Formula/setR1C1Formula public abstract java.Lang.String getR1C1Formula() / public abstract void setR1C1Formula(java.Lang.String value) Gets or sets a R1C1 formula of the Cell.

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CopyRow public abstract void copyRow( sourceCells, int sourceRowIndex, int destinationRowIndex) throws java.Lang.Exception Copies data and formats of a whole row. However, it is critical that we be able to convert Word documents into PDF documents. We compile it on a daily basis to ensure that it contains the most up to date versions of each of our .NET components.

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It is a perfect Microsoft Office automation alternative in terms of supported features, security, stability, scalability, speed and price. Parameters:sourceArea – The range which should be moved.DestRow – The dest row.DestColumn – The dest column.

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AbstractintgetRow() Gets row number (zero based) of the cell. GetMaxDisplayRange public abstract  getMaxDisplayRange() Gets the max range which includes data, merged cells and shapes. Parameters:firstIndex – The first row index to be grouped.LastIndex – The last row index to be grouped.IsHidden – Specifies if the grouped columns are hidden. Abstractjava.Lang.StringgetDisplayStringValue() Gets the formatted string value of this cell.

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Is an award-winning Excel Spreadsheet Processing API that allows Java developers to embed the ability to read, write and manipulate Excel® spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, SpreadsheetML, CSV, ODS), HTML, MHTML, PDF and image file formats into their own Java applications without needing to rely on Microsoft Excel®. Aspose.Cells allows developers to to apply metered key. GetDisplayStringValue public abstract java.Lang.String getDisplayStringValue() Gets the formatted string value of this cell. I cannot reproduce the problem with the latest version of Aspose.Words for Java (10.5.0 ).