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SpeakToText License Key 2.35 build 25

Developer: CoolSoft
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP,Microsoft Speech Engine 5.1
Limitation: 30-day trial, 1000-character limit
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP
Price: $39.95
License: Free to try
Version: v2.3525
Downloads: 4370
Rating: 4.4 / Views: 160
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There are two known issues with the installer which are described below. If this is not the first time you have trained this profile, you will be given a choice of literature to read aloud to your computer for training. This section contains a list of dictation commands broken down by category. If you are experiencing poor recognition because your voice is not clear (for example, if you have a cold or sore throat), SpeakToTextÔ 2.0 is a fully Mouse and Keyboard compliant Windows application. Installation is a two-step process and the speech recognition engine installation step may take a while.

CoolSoft, LLC is proud to have acheived recognition as a Download now (65 megs) for $39.95. Also, the SpeechRecognizer class doesn’t contain the methods SetInputToDefaultAudioDevice and RecognizeAsync. If you return to the other CoolSoft application and turn the microphone on again, the microphone in SpeakToText will be turned off. The sample app and code are provided in both XAML/C# and HTML/JavaScript.

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If more than one user will be using SpeakToText on your computer, each user should go to Speech Properties and check to make certain his or her profile is selected before using the program. If the target application is other than a supported chat or email program, you can try one of the other settings, using trial and error until you find one that works. Using SpeakToText with other than US ENGLISH is not recommended. Opens the SpeakToText Users Manual   Notes on the Quick Start Guide and Manual The HTML version of the SpeakToText Quick Start Guide and Manual are installed on your system when you install SpeakToText. In the graphic below, we have labeled the buttons and included their corresponding speech commands:    There are two message bars at the bottom of SpeakToText: the “Language Bar” and the “Status Bar”.

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However, this depends largely on the quality of the audio file and your system resources. Pause and Stop Reading Buttons – To pause or stop reading, click on the “Pause Reading” or “Stop Reading” buttons.

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Most users will not need to enable this feature, but if you are having a problem with background noise being recognized as commands, you should enable this setting. Try the different text-to speech voices that come with the SAPI speech recognition engine and select the one you like best. If you are viewing this page inside Google Chrome (desktop or mobile), click the voice icon inside the search box and say a search query. If you stop and start over again, it will just end up taking longer, so do not cancel and restart the install unless you are certain the system has stopped responding.

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Although you may be speaking clearly from a quiet room, and are using a well-trained recognition profile and a high quality headset microphone and sound card, you can expect accuracy in the range of 90% to 98%. Button to change where the file is saved if desired.5.


Go to homepage Browse www.Myhomepage.Com or http://www.Myhompeage.Com The computer will open www.Myhomepage.Com in the default web browser. If you already had Microsoft SAPI 5.0 or greater installed on your computer and had already trained the speech engine before installing SpeakToText, it is not necessary to create a new personal speech profile. .

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When the Microphone is turned off or another speech application has exclusive control of the SAPI speech recognition engine, this indicator is red. Looking for a partner to bring your next innovation to life? The mid-range position on the slider bar in both sections works best in most environments and on most systems. When entering Advanced Mode, if there is any text in the SpeakToText dialog, you will be prompted to save your text. This change remains effective in the current and all future sessions, until you enable/disable it.

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While text is selected, you can say “delete selection” to delete the selected text. If you purchased SpeakToText from one of our sponsors, the sponsor ID is also provided to our server. Here are some tips on getting the best possible speech recognition:   Training – Train the speech engine to recognize your voice at least several times. And as we keep improving SpeakToText’s update feature finds and installs updates automatically. Then enter the vertical slash, and then browse to the file you want the program to open.